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G-Cloud 12

G-Cloud is a government initiative designed to make it easier for government departments and public sector organisations to access cloud technology and services. Through G-Cloud, public sector organisations have access to a digital marketplace of cloud vendors that have been assessed and approved to provide their services to government and the public sector.

We can conduct a detailed gap analysis of your information and cyber security setup. We will highlight both areas of risk and opportunity.

Is remote and home working is an issue of concern? We can help you become aligned to the only framework solely focused upon remote working: NIST SP 800-46 v2

We can also conduct a detailed gap analysis to ascertain your alignment, in tandem, to both NIST SP 800-53 (Cyber Security) and ISO 27001 (Information security).

To help remediate the threat of Ransomware and zero-day, we can help you install both DTE (data transformation engine) and Data-Diode technology: This technology is utilised by military and government across the world to protect sensitive data assets.


  • Reduces risks associated with Home and Remote working
  • Eliminate the threat of zero-day malware
  • Serverless Cloud solution to reduce costs
  • Geographically independent cloud solutions
  • Significantly improved security stance
  • Cost savings through elimination of redundant security architecture
We are on G-Cloud 12 – Service ID 911418768957922

Our rates are extremely competitive, and we can provide further discounts to Educational establishments.