Screech of steel on steel accompanied by the dusty smell of asbestos. Subtle acknowledgements, occasionally straying into small talk. The weather, always a safe topic. Our scene, early December 2019, London’s Victoria line. It’s the early morning commute. There is comfort in routine and familiarity. Unfortunately, no one appreciates monotony. They soon will.





July 2020, same location, same early commute. Fewer people, yet all display superhuman awareness of personal space. Dull, barely awake unobstructed faces, now replaced by a sea of prying eyes. Eyes searching for those once familiar faces. Begging the question, ‘Did they survive?’


The world moves rapidly, technology realising its predictions. Data now the worlds most valuable asset. Everyone wants your data. Whether for political advantage, sell you a can of soft drink, a new lifestyle choice… Some employ less subtlety, simply stealing your data and, subsequently, your money.


In the US, telecommuting is the term of choice for remote working. Everywhere else it’s just known as work from home or WFH. Working from home is both a blessing and a curse. Homeworking brings cost savings and convenience. For example, less time commuting, less money spent on exorbitantly priced Lattes, less exposure to infection. For the Firm, infrastructure costs can be devolved down to the employee. Employees potentially providing both office and IT.

Unfortunately, the ‘Curse’ is attack vectors (previously contained under the corporate roof) have proliferated. In other words, the corporately owned interfaces providing passage into the business have been replaced by an army of BYOD (bring your own device). Plus everyone connects via an untrusted network, known affectionately as ‘the internet.’ Naively, many believe their VPN will protect them.

Nearly every household owns a computer. Unfortunately, many a family share their beloved computer. Fortunately for the family, their teenage son is a conscientious soul. He only uses the computer late at night, keeping his files on a USB stick, and always clears his browsing history. How considerate?

Joking aside, how do you actually separate work from family computer-time? What nasties fester within your hard drive?

You clearly need a new computer. But that costs money, and where do you put it? Also, how do you securely configure it?

Not to worry, at IRONBRIDGE we have built you a virtual computer (VM). Our VM acts as a powerful sandbox to help separate your work and home life.

Furthermore, it’s completely FREE. You will also need to download two other pieces of open-source software, also FREE. Let me repeat that, it’s all FREE.

Created from Linux, this VM will be immune to malware that targets Microsoft Windows. Due to the fact it’s the most common operating system, the majority of malware targets Microsoft Windows.

In addition, the VM’s Firewall is locked and configured to only allow Web surfing; Email; and access to Microsoft Office 365. For more security, you can easily encrypt your VHD (virtual hard drive). In short, you can have a secure safe place to do your work. You can even take ‘snapshots’, a powerful tool in the fight against ransomware!

Contact us for access to our free VM:

Email: informationsecurity@ironbridge.associates
Phone: +44 (0)1327 223262


By Harvey Ellams


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Screech of steel on steel accompanied by the dusty smell

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