Ironbridge Associates

Business Process Optimisation

At Ironbridge our operational background means we not only understand the importance of process excellence, but also the challenges of maintaining service levels whilst implementing improvements.

We have a unique toolset and project framework which removes the blockers and facilitates execution of our Protelligence business optimisation programme.


We begin by identifying areas for improvement and establish performance indicators and metrics which are used to create a balanced scorecard.

Our team then work closely with our clients to develop an optimisation programme. Next we implement and measure.

Once stabilised we focus on the creation of an environment which promotes ongoing continuous improvement.



Identify and eliminate process defects


Monitoring, reporting and informed decision making


Connected, productive and secure


Agile operating model


Organisation wide engagement and benefits

Our Solution

We use an agile partnership approach to solution delivery, but always clearly define  the objectives, deliverables and framework with our clients when a project commences.

Our Optimisation Programme is built on two frameworks

Solution Framework

Our agile solutions are delivered in 5 phases: Assess, Develop, Deliver, Stabilise and Optimise. Each phase is modular and components can be added or removed.

Programme Framework

The programme framework is structured around key focus areas, such as Operational and Financial, defined through client feedback. Each area is further refined to ensure deliverables are clear.


The Protelligence toolset has been built specifically to support our business optimisation programme. It enables operations teams to achieve process excellence without impacting performance levels.


Map existing processes across multiple locations with minimum impact to productivity.


Optimise processes with support from the Ironbridge team in a controlled environment engaging all stakeholders.


Train users on processes remotely using video walkthroughs and interactive screen simulations.


Assess users on both technical and theoretical aspects of process execution.


Deploy revised processes, standardise process execution, and build a bench of qualified users.